Effortlessly Test Your CMS with Virtual Smart-Charger Simulators for various automated Scenarios!


 "Iris Echo is your virtual smart charger capable of interacting with OCPP servers just like an actual charger! Connect it to your Charging Management System (CMS) and see Echo mimic responses and alerts just like a physical charger for all requests and messages. Echo has pre-set automated scenarios and test messages to help you validate the CMS functionality, making it convenient for your development and testing needs. From simplifying field tests with physical chargers to enabling you to find an efficient CMS, Echo becomes a physical charger on your desk!
Now your development and testing teams can focus on their core functions than travelling and spending for field tests!"


Streamline testing with automated scenarios designed specifically for OCPP sessions within our CMS.

Easily connect any OCPP-compatible charging software to Echo by entering your web-socket URL.

Echo replicates a real-time charger, reducing manual efforts by efficiently sending standard messages.

Empower users to manually send OCPP messages, facilitating the testing of custom scenarios Share your test case scenarios with us and we will add it to Echo in the next release.


Surprised during Field Tests? Not anymore!

Test Iris Echo as part of your in-office tests before you take your CMS to field tests for hygiene and basic tests. Now, you can use field tests efforts and costs to address complex issues and scenarios only. 

No charger feasibility? No worries, Echo it!  

Iris Echo ensures you do not struggle to reproduce multiple scenarios on a physical chargers. Scenario and live testing made simple without a charger for you!  

Doubting your CMS? Test it now!

With our array of pre-built automated scenarios at your disposal, you can test CMS interactions with ease. Iris Echo helps you to validate your next CMS adoption decision without wasting time and efforts on ground! 

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