Effortlessly manage EV charging networks with our intelligent software


As your all-in-one network administrator, Iris Network takes care of everything a CPO needs to manage their charge point network. It simplifies network and customer management by integrating Charging Management System (CMS) and Electric Mobility Service Provider (eMSP) Applications. The CMS application connects with the charging network through a proven OCPP 1.6j solution to keep track of and handle charger and station operations, including multiple levels of smart charging. The eMSP application for your customers helps them, as EV Drivers, to plan, manage and charge their vehicle in your associated network. And enable EV roaming with our trusted OCPI solution.


Iris Network offers vital features that enable effortless management of your station and charger network.
Built from the control room of a CPO, Iris Network addresses real world, practical pain points of CPOs. This enables you to achieve operational efficiency and network visibility through an array of capabilities.
Much as we love the sturdy, proven reliability of our OCPP solution, it is still just one input for us. Our real focus is on solving CPO and driver pain points, doing whatever it takes.

Controls to filter out spurious and problematic charging sessions

Billing management with a range of advanced considerations (including time-of-use tariffs to improve bottom lines)

Remote Role and Charger Management Simplified

Easy data collection and reporting features

Key Functionalities

Installation & management of EV charging stations ( both highway charging, and EV fleets)

Interoperability with chargers from different manufacturers, via OCPP 1.6json

Smart charging (energy management within site, and utility interfaces)

AutoCharge (no RFID or mobile app – just plug to charge from compatible chargers)

Charger asset and site management applications

Predictive failure management

Predictive driving range management for fleets

Monitoring of charging activity and usage patterns

EV driver app with trip planner

User account management

Alert and notification system

Advanced tariff management

Finance tracking

Customer wallet management

Billing - for retail and corporate customers

Customer support

Easy data collection and reporting features

Filter out spurious and problematic charging sessions

Remote role and charger management

Effortless migration with Iris Switch


Chargers Invisible?
Not anymore! 

With Iris Network, your charging network becomes easily accessible within a single click! Check your ongoing sessions, payment details, and all essential charger operation data in a single dashboard that allows visibility as well as control of your network.

Maintenance Owes?
All solved on your screen!

Iris Network comes with a promise to reduce your workforce time spent on charger network maintenance and management with its remote access and real-time reporting features. 

Customer Reputation at Stake? Manage it Seamlessly 

Network Reliability becomes an essential function to establish customer reputation. With Iris Network, you can effectively manage and engage with your customers while they charge, thanks to priority alerts, easy charging facilities, and customer engagement features.

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